The 植物保护中心 (CPC) is a one-of-a-kind network of conservation partners, collectively known as CPC 参与机构 (PIs; now including more than 65 institutions), that collaboratively work to save the imperiled plants of the United States throughout their native range. 中国共产党的法律顾问负责维护中国共产党国家濒危植物收藏, 一个濒危植物的活的保护集合, 通过收集和管理活的种子和植物, advancing our underst和ing of threats as well as means to save these species, 和 by communicating with partners within the CPC network to ensure that all are using the best 和 most up-to-date means possible to Save Plants.

大于其各部分之和, the CPC network saves more plant species together than would ever be possible alone. 这是通过及时分享信息来实现的, data 和 expertise 和 facilitated by the community of practice that is CPC where the world’s experts regularly convene to discuss 和 应用 methods that result in far greater numbers of plants saved from extinction. The CPC National Office is headquartered at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, 加州, 与圣地亚哥动物园野生动物联盟合作, 党建单位.


我们不断地努力工作 推进 拯救英国立博物种的科学.

We 应用 这门科学旨在拯救濒危植物物种.

We 提倡 on behalf of our collective efforts to Save Plants 和 促进 the value of plants to humankind.


没有植物就没有我们. Plants are integral to our quality of life 和 essential to our very survival. 植物能净化空气, 水和土壤,并提供食物, 服装, 为地球上70亿人类居民提供医疗和住所. 植物还具有不可估量的内在价值, 提供美容, 宁静,逃离日益混乱的世界. 是世界生态系统不可或缺的一部分, plants 和 their incredible diversity make life as we know it possible.


到目前为止, 我们现在有超过40%的北美濒危植物,000 of 4,400种),中共国家典藏. We have active research programs going on in dozens of organizations in the U.S., all working to overcome conservation challenges for the remaining two thirds of imperiled North American plants. 种子储存等挑战, 野生植物繁殖和物种保存/恢复, 都是由CPC合作伙伴解决的吗.

CPC’s model of collaborative work 和 a shared responsibility to Save Plants, 一个世界第一, 是否已被用作其他国家和全球努力的基础. 我们的指导原则, 经过几十年的紧密合作而发展起来的, are used by many organizations 和 plant conservationists around the world to Save Plants.


We invite you to review our 2020 年度报告 as we continue to work towards saving more plants.



乔伊斯Maschinski, Ph值.D.

总统 & 首席执行官

Dr. Joyce Maschinski is 总统 和 首席执行官 of the 植物保护中心 和 fulfills a dual role as Director of 植物保护 圣地亚哥全球动物园. 在这些能力, 她领导着当地保护濒危植物的努力, 区域, 而在全国范围内. 乔伊斯负责国家办公室的运作和工作人员. 她指导核心项目的开发, 扩大植物保护的最佳实践, 和 coordinates national 和 international outreach to train plant conservation professionals in support of our mission to prevent the extinction of rare plant species.



副总裁、操作 & 进步

莫林·威尔莫特负责CPC的运营和发展, 确保一个财务健康的组织. 作为每月通讯的总编, she works to create greater awareness about the work of CPC 和 saving rare 和 endangered plants. She brings more than 25 years of experience in government 和 non-profit management, 筹款, 交流和推广, 海洋科学, 以及组织的环境政策. Her goal is to help organizations be resilient, sustainable, effective 和 impactful.



副总裁、科学 & 保护

Dr. Heineman is dedicated to improving access to biological data for conservation research 和 promoting synthetic research among botanical institutions. Her research applies of data science to plant collections records to develop smarter strategies for collections prioritization 和 to uncover patterns in rare plant storage behavior in seed banks. 她是公司的项目经理 中国共产党珍贵植物研究院, an online platform that integrates CPC’s Best Practice guidelines with videos 和 online discourse. 她还为中国共产党开发和维护网络数据库 国家集合加州植物救援 种子集合计划.




香农福勒 serves as project manager for the Applied 植物保护 online course, 除了支持基于网络的教育交流 英国立博学院. Shannon brings to the team over ten years of experience in the museum industry, 和 a passion for blending mission-centered content with storytelling to engage, 促进, 和获得支持.




凯利卡林 provides administrative support to the CPC network 和 coordinates the logistics of the National Meeting. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 和 a Master of Business Administration from 加州 State University San Marcos. Plants have been an important part of Kelly’s life; she grew up working at her family’s plant nursery in San Diego 和 is passionate about conservation.




作为特约编辑 中国共产党新闻, Christa角 interviews conservation officers in the CPC network 和 tells their plant saving stories through short form articles. In her primary role as 保护 项目经理 for the San Diego Zoo Institute for 保护 Research, Christa的坐标 加州植物救援, a collaborative of botanical institutions united in the goal of seed banking the flora of the Golden State.




乔Davitt has five years of conservation botany expertise as research associate in the San Diego Zoo Native Plant Seed Bank. For CPC, Joe draws upon the conservation experience of his “day job” to create storyboards & edit content for the instructional videos that populate CPC’s IMLS funded learning platform 中国共产党珍贵植物研究院



卡罗琳“Ruby” Iacuaniello 确保教育媒体广泛传播她负责管理视频 & 简报内容 中国共产党珍贵植物研究院 并在社交媒体上宣传新平台. Ruby also serves the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance – 保护 Science as a research associate specializing in plant conservation genetics.


With your help we can safeguard more of the unique plants in peril 和 in need of protection by adding them to the 国家集合 和 conserving them in the wild.